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This is a now page inspired by Derek Sivers. // 2018

What I am working on

I am working on different consulting projects.


One of them related to building a fashion company in an innovative way. We focus on re-thinking the way how to enter the market. Especially paying attention to the relationship between offline and online channels. As always in my work, I am paying attention to the existing networks and resources of my client and how to leverage those. As well as the biographical leadership challenges.


Another project focuses on the transformation process in an NGO, dealing with leadership challenges and restructuring the ORG.

What I am thinking about

I am contemplating the balance between action and meditation.

Also, in that context, I am deeply emerging myself in the topic of personal and spiritual development and spiritual leadership. My basic assumption goes like this: If we are stuck on the current level of conventional leadership we will fail in this world because "reason" alone will lead us further into the abyss of the rational self-destruction of our planet and ourselves. We need a more developmental framework to develop our own and collective leadership. The "alternative" cultural wave seems to not help either with this as the(ir) spiritual materialism (manifestation bullshit, spiritual narcissism) doesn't change anything for the better it seems, while at the same time regressive forces are rolling back some of the basic achievements of the last century (read Trump, Orban, Seehofer, right-wing populists in any shape or form etc.)

Habits, Self-Development and Experiments

I have been working on believe-systems for approx. 2 months and I am still practicing a specific meditation to replace old unhelpful thought patterns in my psychological being. The reason to do this was that I was facing the same outside results over and over again. Returning in cyclic crises moments. It reached a point where I had to change something on a fundamental level.

I developed with the help of a good friend a very specific framework for identifying false beliefs and replacing them with new thought patterns. I support this practice with a specific breathing technique and meditation prior to and after the exercise.

I go to the gym regularly 2 times a week, for about 6 months. Lifting mainly free weights. Benchpress, squats, and dumbbell lifts. It's an amazing improvement in my general well-being. I also try to take short runs 2 times a week (4km)

My diet is 6 out of 7 days per week sugar, wheat and dairy free. I do drink coffee. My overall feeling is that the more green vegetables and salad I eat the better I feel.

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