• Integral and transformational Leadership Coach

    High Creativity, Effective Psychology, Deep Impact


    I empower individuals and organizations with strategic leadership challenges.


    I help you to overcome crises, face challenges, and navigate transformation processes on a personal and organizational level.


    For better results, effective action and holistic long-lasting impact.

  • My Work

    I focus on 3 dimensions of transformation and innovation


    Developmental Stages, Purpose and the Structure of Consciousness

    Our consciousness and mind(set) are primary in perceiving and interpreting reality. Thus, there is an infinite leverage for change at this level: clarity and alignment in perception, (thought) structure and action through the connection with our evolutionary purpose and a deeper sense of being (meaning and intention)



    Building an open and empathic feedback and interaction culture with oneself and others. Empathy is a core skill and relational leadership is the practical application of it in today's society and our upcoming future.



    Co-Develop dynamic systems and goals for impact, setting strategic milestones to navigate towards a more compelling future.

  • WE | Conscious Leadership, New Work & Collaboration

      How do we navigate into the unknown future? Together.

    The time of the EGO economy is over. But a new ECO-Economy is just beginning to emerge, and still wants to be developed together.


    My specialization is the initiation and anchoring of a conscious leadership and innovation culture, with powerful individual and collective learning pathways and growth steps.


    I work with integral, agile and participative management + leadership methods and a comprehensive toolset. (15 years learning journey of hands-on entrepreneurship, training, consulting and coaching, meditation and mindfulness, design thinking, theory U, forum, art of hosting, and a scientific background in anthropology, educational science and psychology)

    YOU | Looking Deeper, Moving Further - Executive and Team Coaching

      If the world gets complex on the outside, it's time to focus on the inside

    I accompany and empower individuals (and teams) in situations of change, challenge, crisis and growth with a developmental perspective. Supporting new opportunities, reflection, self-awareness, trust, and transformational steps.


    NEW | Sustainability = Innovation Consulting

    If it is not sustainable it is not innovative.


    Extensive experience, network, and knowledge with a focus on sustainable innovation strategies that combine sustainable impact and economic viability: product development and production, supply chain/sourcing (Asia/Europe) (textiles)

    HOW | Business Strategy

      Creating and leveraging opportunities

    I help clients to increase their business value and performance through strategic planning, highly creative yet very structured thinking. Focusing on incubation, acceleration and change management.


    I am an experienced entrepreneur and change maker. I develop potentials in businesses, projects, teams, and people.

  • Selected Clients, Partners and Accredited Funding Programs



    Lawyer and Creative Director at nikolaikiki.com

    "I have been working with Jan since 2013 in different projects. I appreciate his professional workmanship, and here I refer not only to efficiency, intelligence, creativity and his focus to the realize the client's goals. Through his sensitivity, empathy and experience, Jan possesses in particular the ability to recognize the individual needs and strengths of his clients and thus to direct the project to an even better direction than one would be able to without his support. Jan is authentic and honest and does not hesitate to openly include the weaknesses of his clients in the development and improvement process. That is how I envision a good consultation and a trustworthy, inspiring collaboration!"


    Entrepreneur / Business Consultant

    "Jan is simply a jewel. A rare combination of intelligence, extensive experience in developing successful business models AND a true inspiration. He starts at where the really relevant leverage for success lies: the individual. He possesses the passion and gift to lead people in an intensive process of personal development to make this process the foundation of a value-based business success. So expect an amazingly enriching collaboration with a smart sparring partner who has the drive to move things ACTIVELY and make a difference. It's always a pleasure to work with you, Jan!"


    Co-founder at Go2 Virtualahan

    "Jan helped me in building a sales strategy for my social enterprise Go2 Virtualahan. He really took the time to understand our needs and guided us to coming up with a strategy that is applicable to our business model and market segment. Jan has the ability to quickly size up your situation, the knowledge to provide quality recommendations, and the communication skills to convince your company to take action. I strongly recommend Jan to help you reach the next level of performance in your company."

  • Professional References

    selected milestones

    Founder and CEO at Lebenskleidung

    (2008 - 2013)

    Strategic and conceptual leader for the business model, supply-chain management and digital distribution/marketing strategy of the sustainable textile agency.



    Founder and CEO at praktikabel.org

    (2006- 2012)

    Educational Exchange Programs, Cultural Trainings and Internship Programs for young Europeans in India



    Guest Lecturer at BBW Berlin



    Department of Fashion Management
    Sustainability Management and Business Development

    Freelance Senior Project Manager at Sourcebook GmbH



    Co-Author and Lead Project Manager of a feasibility study for the design and conception of a Fashion Hub in Berlin for the WISTA MANAGEMENT GMBH and the Business Development Department of the Senate of Berlin Treptow Köpenick.

    Bachelor of Arts (BA)

    Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Science, Educational Science


    Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

    Art of Hosting / Participative Leadership Training

    Blekinge University, Institute of Technology, Karlskrona, Sweden


    Applied Methods of
    ▪ Hosting and Engaging Small Teams and Larger Groups in Meaningful Conversations
    ▪ Building a solid Toolset of Methods for Participatory Leadership
    ▪ Capacity Building


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